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It is important to know whether or not an organization’s business continuity management program has addressed the right risks or not. It is essential to be confident that the company’s operational risk and resiliency strategies will work if called upon at the time of need. Thusm gaining acceptance from the regulatory bodies and senior management is essential that your program meets their expectations. Not only does the business continuity consulting services help you assess the current state of your business continuity program, it can also help you address gaps that surface from the assessment. As a part of Business Continuity Consultancy, we have the expertise in the following: 

  • BUSINESS IMPACT ANALYSIS (BIA): This is where we help you prioritize business impacts of business disruption risks. Thus you may optimally prioritize continuity requirements. 
  • RISK ASSESSMENT: We help you identify and access risks that may disrupt the business operations so that you ca n proactively support your business availability objectives. 
  • BUSINESS CONTINUITY STRATEGY AND PLANNING: We partner with you to build excellent and robust business continuity strategies and plans. These include documenting various emergency actions, incident management and business continuity plans, addressing appropriate technology, facilities, workforce and third party failures. 
  • EXERCISE PROGRAM: With our help, you may create a sustainable business continuity exercise program based on international standards to help you validate your capabilities and uncover areas for improvements. 

Businesses at some point or the other face disasters in technology, malware, and many other aspects. How you plan for these disasters determine two important things, (a) Vulnerability of the company, (b) How quickly the company can recover of / when a disaster strikes?. Research indicates that more than 60% of the times, small businesses do not survive a major disaster. However, if appropriate planning is done, then many of these closures could be prevented. 

When it comes to getting business continuity related work done and trying to achieve the right level of resilience, it is very important for the organization to have the appropriate staffing model choices to get it done. Business continuity is a complex phenomenon. Many factors play into a company’s ability to recover from a critical event. Business continuity consultants make planning easier. They help in providing insight  into the company’s unique disaster planning needs and also help to implement the right safeguards at the right time.


At Awesome Consultancy, our expert business continuity consultants help in providing answers to your questions about disaster preparedness. Depending on their specialty, our company helps in identifying the vulnerabilities and create an action plan that reduces risks and speeds up the recovery time. Our consultants help you write your Business Continuity Plan which is the foundation of your continuity planning. This ensures that you have a single comprehensive document that outlines the company’s readiness for a disaster. 

Our consultants are excellent in executing risk assessment which is one of the most critical components of BC planning. It identifies the unique risks of the business. Our consultants can help you uncover serious risks that your inhouse teams may be overlooking. Our consultants make sure to cover all aspects such as revenue loss, cost of workers, , impact on customer perceptions, and much more. Our experts help you understand the true impact of each disaster and where the biggest continuity gaps need to be filled. 

Our consultants make sure to use the best of technologies such as data backups, cluod storage, virus/malware software, redundant communication lines, and much more. Our consultants will help you in wedding through the numerous options available ineach of these areas. Our consultants have the best of experience in handling business continuity projects and use appropriate knowledge and technologies that constitute the best practices. 

So, do you have any requirement of Business Continuity Consultancy? Do not worry anymore. Out expert business continuity consultancy team is here to provide you with the best services at reasonable process.