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Most executives who look for business transformation in businesses have many questions. New regulatory requirements, changing competitive strategies, shifting market demands, new technological breakthroughs and mre activist investors are the forces which impact businesses today. Awesome Consultancy can help your organization rethink, redesign and move forward with fundamental changes to your business and operating models. This in turn can help in reduction of expenses, embarking new strategic direction and maximization of value amid disruption. 

New competitors, new technologies and new challenges means that disruption is happening faster than ever. It is important for the businesses to keep pace with or ideally go ahead of the changing environment to remain profitable and viable. Designing, following and implementing a comprehensive approach to business transformation (BT) helps your organization make the most of the opportunities created by disruption. 

Business transformation does not happen in a vacuum. Our open approach allows us to provide forward thinking and innovative solutions that leverage emerging technologies like cognitive learning, robotics and Internet of Things – transform your organization and even your industry. Through our years of professional experience in business transformation consultancy services, we have developed well established tools and techniques, and a thorough understanding of the details that can make or break a project. 

Our Business Transformation Framework takes an integrated approach from strategy through execution to enable our clients to imagine, deliver and realize business value through transformation. The components of the framework address typical areas of opportunity and value loss in transformation. This in turn configures our market-tested transformation capabilities into a comprehensive solution for clients. Our Transformation Ambition Lab helps executive teams align towards an ambition that goes beyond incremental change. This in turn helps participants rethink upon the operating models to deliver breakthrough value. 

Our Customer Intelligence Lab (CI Lab) has been supportive towards clients in making data driven and client-centric decisions that address challenges and unlock new value. The lab combines customized primary and secondary research with leading data analytics capabilities. Our integrated capability tool supports accelerated exploration of transformation opportunities and prioritization of focus areas for change by identifying capabilities to transition from current to future state. Business Transformation requires courageous thinking and a sincere assessment of goals, objectives and limitations of an enterprise. Success relies on thinking and actions to identify, unlock and drive new value across the enterprise. The fundamental keys to business transformation are mentioned below: 

  • BE STRATEGIC: It is essential to articulate a clear and testable thesis of how the enterprise will win through this transformation. It is also important to make strategically sound choices and pursue them aggressively. 
  • UNDERSTAND YOUR CAPABILITIES: It is important to assess whether or not you have the right processes, resources and talent to achieve the new goals that are set. It is essential to know which organizational capabilities are most essential for the transformed business to succeed and how these stack up relative to where you need them to be. 
  • DRIVE VALUE: It is essential to be explicit in defining the step-change value that would be created, how and when you will get it and how you will relentlessly measure progress. 
  • BUILD IN SUSTAINABILITY: It is essential to embrace changes and re-orient the organization to understand new ways of delivering value. 
  • BE AGILE AND FLEXIBLE: One should be willing to change sequencing, pace and focus when circumstances and business situations dictate. 

INVEST IN TALENT: It is important to hand pick the transformation leaders and visibly support them at key inflection pints.


Awesome Consultancy is one of the leading consultancy firms for Business Transformation Consultancy. Our consultants set out quite consciously with a mission to be the challenger brand in the business transformation space. Our consultants have the best talent with a proven track record. Our consultants have reshaped yesterday’s processes to better suit today’s world. Our consultants are selected as the chosen partner for some of the world’s largest and most demanding transformation challenges that have been recognized well. Our consultants work hands-on with our clients to drive and execute transformation, helping them to exist well in the world. We cater to niche segments such as Digital and technology transformation, post-merger integration, new product or business launch, geographical expansion, customer acquisition, regulatory change and much more. 

Our consultants have the intellectual agility an delivery rigor to ensure success. Our consultants have the following capabilities: 


As change is normal across all businesses, our consultants apply logic, creativity and experience across a diverse range of industries to make change happen to the ground and accelerate business results. 


We work with you to design an organization that works just as well in practice as it does on paper. A business model is created that has a lasting positive impact on your organization, allowing you to grow. 


We provide flexible, scalable Project Management Office (PMO) and Portfolio Management capabilities to support your portfolios and help you choose appropriate projects and programmes to achieve business objectives and goals. 


We work closely with you to create transparent, controlled and manageable delivery programs that add value and make certain results. 


We deliver testing for complex change programs across wide range of sectors. This includes global and enterprise wide test strategies that set out the foundation for test approach with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. 

So, do you have any requirement of Business Transformation Consultancy? Do not worry anymore. Out expert business transformation consultancy team is here to provide you with the best services at reasonable process.