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Frequently Asked Questions

Through our consultation services, we assist your business that otherwise seeks expansion through various mediums, looking for ways to excel in the business game. The expert consultants at Awesome Consultancy thoroughly analyze your business idea from every perspective, formulate strategies as per specific goals and objectives and help you leverage the state-of-the-art technology and tactics in an efficient manner. We provide you the right solution and guidance so that your business thrives well in the competitive world.

We provide consultancy services for a wide range of industries such as those listed below: 

  • Business Plan Consultancy
  • Market Research Consultancy
    • Real Estate Consultancy
    • Healthcare Consultancy
    • Technology Implementation Consultancy
  • Financial Services Consultancy
    • Accounting Management Consultancy
    • Tax Management Consultancy
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Business Transformation Consultancy
  • Competition Analysis Consultancy
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Consultancy
  • Unique Value Proposition Consultancy
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Business Continuity Consultancy
  • Retail Management Consultancy
  • Franchise Consultancy
  • Change Management Consultancy
  • Outsourcing Consultancy
  • HRM Outsourcing Consultancy
  • Product Development Consultancy

We can sometimes make informal introductions to potential investors or other intermediaries. This completely depends on the sector, industry and projects undertaken.

If you run a business, then it’s probably safe to say yes. In fact, you may require more than one business plan: one for raising capital and one for running your business. The former is a compact, easily digested strategic document that is designed to persuade potential investors to pick up the phone and invite you to their offices for an initial meeting. The latter is a more detailed document serving as a day-to-day roadmap, detailing the tactics supporting your overall strategy.

We charge a pre-determined fixed fee on the basis of scope of the project, in terms of the tasks and documents that are needed. We also check whether or not you have the qualifying documents required for consultancy such as drafts of business plans, financial forecasts, competitive research, market research, etc. If these documents are available with you, then our workload is significantly reduced. We also understand the clarity of your vision for the business model, financial plans and marketing and distribution strategy. These factors help in determining the overall cost of your project, so that the needful dimensions could be analyzed appropriately and effectively.

Your initial payment is non-refundable. This is because by the time you have decided to hire us, we have already set aside time to work with you, and we may even have turned away other opportunities in order to provide you with the best possible experience.

We certainly prefer to use a Mutual NDA so that the business secrets are well protected.

We are unable to email you our work samples. However, we can schedule on online screen sharing session via Skype or Join.Me for a better understanding.

We are headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We work online to provide our services at a global level. We rely heavily on phone, email, online meeting tools, Skype, etc. to provide our services effectively and without any hindrance.

We are certainly pleased to introduce you to our past clients. However, we provide references as the final step before the signing of the engagement letter.