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About Us

Who we are?

Through our consultation services, we assist your business that otherwise seeks expansion through various mediums, looking for ways to excel in the business game. The expert consultants at Awesome Consultancy thoroughly analyze your business idea from every perspective, formulate strategies as per specific goals and objectives and help you leverage the state-of-the-art technology and tactics in an efficient manner. We provide you the right solution and guidance so that your business thrives well in the competitive world. 

Awesome Consultancy has experts who work as advisors to a company / business or to a particular individual. Our expert team of consultants have immense knowledge in their respective niche area of expertise that drives companies towards excellence. We assist organizations across the private, public as well as social sectors to create the change that matters. Our expert consultants help our clients identify the most important goals of their business and set the right strategic direction. Today, we move forward in working together to turn these ambitious goals into reality. We partner with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that are considered as most important. This refers to embedding digital analytics, designing core processes and mind-sets, building capabilities in ever-changing context and developing excellence to ensure that actions quickly translate into outcomes. 

Defined By Our People….

We are defined by our team of people, mainly our consultants. Our firm with its people has a strong set of values including a deep commitment to diversity. We have a consistent approach in recruiting our people and skills development regardless of where our people are located. This is how we can quickly deliver the right team with the right experience and expertise, to every client, all across the globe. Our consultants include experts in various domains, such as business managers, data scientists, designers, engineers, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, research scientists, civil servants and many more. They have joined Awesome Consultancy for the opportunity to apply their talents to important and complex challenges. 

The Consultancy Process….

You may consult Awesome Consultancy for business concerns in almost all departments. After many years of experience, our consultants have gained enough expertise to build standard processes that streamline the execution of solutions, whatever unique challenges are presented. Our process includes the following steps: 

  • OUTLINING NEEDS AND GOALS: Our consultants spend considerable time in understanding and outlining your business goals – objectives. Thereafter, an effective solution can be developed. Our consultants make sure to refine your goals based on current market trends. 
  • BUILDING STRATEGY: After outlining your wants and needs, we brainstorm to build innovative solutions for you. We combine your product knowledge and our market expertise to arrive at something noteworthy. 
  • EXECUTION: On verifying the formulated strategy and testing it thoroughly, we assist you in its execution via the most appropriate  use of tools and technology. 
  • EVALUATION: After execution of strategy, we continue to stay besides while checking the impact of formulated solutions in the real world environment. We also assist you in evaluating its impact and looking for scopes for improvements. 
  • MODIFICATION: Our consultants understand that no strategy can be timeless in today’s extremely dynamic market. We therefore incorporate the agile methodology in our approach by which we help you arrive at a capable strategy based on current results.

Always Innovating…

We understand that client’s needs are constantly changing and evolving. Therefore, we continually seek new and better ways to serve them. For the same, we recruit new consultants with diverse expertise, develop new capabilities such as analytics, digital, design, and much more. We serve our clients at every level of the organization – could be front line employees or executives of top management. We also believe in partnerships with clients to put recommendations into practice so that we could work directly with them on a long term basis. This also helps in development of workforce skills, driving operational improvements and application of new working methods.