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Tax management and planning has become indeed challenging and complex for companies. Our tax management consultancy experts can help your business address various challenges of multijurisdictional tax operations, compliance, direct and indirect taxes as well as reporting risk management. Tax management consultants provide various services such as payroll taxes, tax accounting and reporting, value added tax, corporate tax planning, withholding tax, tax due diligence and much more. These are explained in detail below: 


It could be very time consuming and burdensome to administer your payroll. This is made more difficult by increasing complexities of the tax regime and employment legislations and the accompanying regimes of penalties for compliance. Our team of tax management consultants are dedicated to relieve you of this burden by providing a comprehensive and confidential payroll service including customized payslips, computation and personal income tax, administration of gratuity and pension, administration of work protection funds, administration of mandatory social security contribution, sick pay and statutory maternity leave pay, and much more. 


At times, organizations over rely on spreadsheets and outdated technology and there occurs a lack of integration between the tax and accounting systems. This majorly hampers the tax departments ability to obtain and analyze the data needed by them for accurate tax accounting and reporting. Our tax management consultants assist clients in advising them on selection and implementation of software supporting financial accounting for tax. We assist your tax department with tax accounting and reporting processes, provision-to-return reconciliations, address the risk and avoid weakness and significant deficiencies. 


Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the most complicated tax regime imposed on businesses that many businesses over pay or underpay VAT. The constant stream of detailed changes made in the regulations make the system even more complex. We provide you with efficient and cost effective services that include advise on VAT planning and administration, VAT control and reconciliation, assistance with completing VAT returns, assisting in the planning to minimize future problems with customs and excise, assisting in the negotiation with customs and excuse in disputes and much more. 


This type of tax represents an important and essential part of your trading costs. However, due to reporting obligations, stringent investigation policies – there occurs a need of corporate tax planning management assistance. This is provided by our expert tax management consultants to help you minimize your corporate tax exposure and relieve you of the administrative burden of complying with tax legislation. 

Our expert tax management consultants help you in preparation of corporate tax returns, advise on the minimum income tax and corporate income tax as and when due, advise on the appropriate claim and elections to be incorporated in the tax returns, assist clients during tax audit from both tax departments and ministry level, acting on your behalf in discussions with tax authorities, advise you on application of withholding tax, provide support and follow-up on tax matters arising during tax audit, and much more.


At Awesome Consultancy, our expert tax management consultants understand that- setting a strategy, putting in place a governance framework and bringing this to life lead to ultimate success. Therefore, we assist you in establishing a clear tax vision and strategy. We help yu in determining your appetite for risk, including reputational risk. We assist in implementation of processes and control to manage your tax risks. We help you in developing strategies to communicate your tax positions. We help you in creating the right operational model for your tax functions. We help you in implementation of a governance and control framework. We benchmark your tax functions and put in place relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

At Awesome Consultancy, our expert consultants help you actively contribute to finance transformation projects. We help in assessing your sourcing options to determine how you can manage your tax and statutory obligations. We automate, streamline and standardize various processes via application of Lean Six Sigma methodology. Our consultants understand the real cost of compliance and build a business case for change. We help you in management of country compliance obligations through our dedicated GCMS (Global Compliance Management Services). We help you in managing all tax reporting aspects. We proactively manage your relationships with tax authorities and support you in resolving all your disputes. Our consultants help you in gathering and analysis of data required for country by country opening. 

It is often observed that businesses fail to maximize existing finance platforms tax functionality. At such times, we can help you in ensuring that your existing finance and/ or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems are properly managed. Our consultants provide you with relevant tools to give you the needful management information that you need for risks, payments, tax filings, etc. Our consultants help you in identifying weaknesses in your business and tax processes and put in place data analysis tools. Our consultants help you in accessing faster and more accurate reporting and forecasting data, so as to enable informed strategic decisions. Our consultants also help you in using appropriate technologies to help you comply with country by country reporting obligations. 

So, do you have requirements of Tax Management Consultancy Services? Do not worry anymore. Our tax management consultancy experts are right here to provide you the best of services at reasonable prices.