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The entire process of bringing a new product to the market is covered under product development. Our designers and engineers work in sync from ideation to execution – to understand your product at its core. With methodological and technical expertise, our team of experts help you in providing solutions so as to minimize the costs of production and assembly, manufacturing your product with specific specifications an cost, reliability and other important aspects. 

Our product development consultancy processes begins with collaborative co-ideation and front-end innovation leading to specific requirements specifications. Our experts spend most of the time in understanding what the product vision is as well as understanding the business problems, big opportunities, and the market landscape. Our experts help you launch into design to visualize our shared ideas for your products with initiate features that we validate and refine with testing. The ultimate vision of our experts is to create the best product for market launch. Our experts holistically work on end-to-end experience for product development. Our experts understand your vision and help you in allocating the best of engineers, designers and developers to bring your product to life. 

One of the important aspects of new product development is your product innovation. Successful products involve high-end engineering and design. These also require understanding of your business and constraints to co-create what fits well. Our experts bring in holistic experience to help you innovate the best of products providing end-to-end solutions. Our experts also understand the value of an ongoing partnership is a shared investment in your product’s success. Our experts care about your results and longevity. To provide the best of services, we emphasize much on creating a lasting relationship to ensure your short term as well as long term success. 

The approach of our experts to engineering and design is holistic. Our experts view the front-end innovation and iteration phases as being as important as building and launching the product. Our experts make sure to integrate expertise at each and every stage of the process with your original vision at top of the mind – to ensure that we create lasting value. 

Our Product Development Consultancy team connects you to a multidisciplinary team of product designers, scientists, engineers and technologists working with global facilities to take a product from idea stage to the market. Our experts with their new product development team can help you in the following: 

  • NEW CONCEPT IDENTIFICATION: Our experts help in developing new business opportunities as per consumer insight enabled via connectivity and new technologies. 
  • PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESIGN: Our experts shall help you in designing the best of product concepts and supporting services based on market insight. 
  • TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT: Our experts help in developing novel technical solutions based on engineering, technology and deep science. 
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Our experts help in designing engineering concepts into physical products and services, so as to manage risks and ensure regulatory compliance. 
  • CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS: Our experts help in application of wireless connectivity solutions and delivering the best of network connectivity to new products and services. 
  • PRODUCTION OF SAMPLES: Our experts help in manufacturing finished samples for market, customer and patient testing. This in turn assists in business case validation with investors. 

TRANSFER TO MANUFACTURING: Our experts assist in working with manufacturing partners to transfer designs and establish a long term volume manufacturing capabilities.


The Product Development Consultancy experts at Awesome Consultancy specialize in industry design, software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping and design research. In simple words, we provide consultancy for product development to manufacture goods that look good, work better and address the needs of the users. Our experts encourage you and your business to make a substantial impact on the market by meeting the demands, needs and requirements of the customers. We do not just come up with great ideas and concepts, we also make sure that these work well. 

At Awesome Consultancy, you will find a group of avid problem solvers. All our expert consultants have broad and diverse experience in their niche domains. Our involvement with a wide variety of product development projects allow us to apply our learning to each new project. This is also termed as compounding experience. Our expert consultants have the hunger to never stop learning which thus, keeps them on the cutting edge of new product development. Our team of consultants is creative as well as innovative. 

Our Product Development consultants have the best of following capabilities: 

  • DESIGN: Our expert consultants have a deep understanding of multiple processes required for concept sketching and thus we excel at every aspect of the industrial design or UI design process. 
  • DESIGN RESEARCH: Our expert consultants utilize a variety of research methods to ensure quality product concepts and solutions at all times. 
  • HUMAN FACTORS AND ERGONOMICS: Our expert consultants make sure to consider both cognitive and physical human factors. They also consider ergonomics to evaluate design problems and solutions. 
  • ENGINEERING: Our expert consultants have a deep understanding of multiple processes involved in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. We make sure to apply the correct solution for our clients to ensure that they are getting the best of value from the product. 
  • PROTOTYPING: Our consultancy experts use prototyping during all phases of projects to ensure that there is efficient development. We have many 3D printers and connections with supply partners for sufficing the pre-production and rapid prototyping needs. 

So, do you have any requirement of Product Development Consultancy? Do not worry anymore. Our Product Development consultants are right here to provide you with the best of services at reasonable prices.