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Awesome Consultancy is known for executing all types of Market Research. This includes: (a) Product Review, (b) Descriptive Research, (c) Consumer Loyalty Study, (d) Priding Review. Each of the above mentioned type of market research is explained below. 

    • PRODUCT REVIEW: In engaging in product development, it is important to get acquainted with the kind of products desired by the masses. Product researchers normally study the desirability of a product or a service in the market. The consumer’s perspectives are thereby taken care of rather than compelling them to buy or sell anything. 
  • DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH: This type of research is the best way of finding answers to questions such as number of people using a particular product or service, upcoming demand of products / services, list of competitors and much more. The questionnaires designed for this purpose need to be extremely rigid in nature. They cannot be altered as per the responses of the target audience. 
    • CONSUMER LOYALTY STUDY: In today’s competitive market, it is essential to maintain a customer base. For any given product or service, there are many options available in the market to choose from. Knowing why clients prioritize a particular brand over others is important, so as to alter and maintain the quality and pricing of relevant products and services. 

To execute the above types of Market Research, various types of Market Research Services are put to task and these are explained below: 

  • ON FIELD MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES: This type of market research service refers to performing research by appointing researchers to directly obtain information from the customers. Herewith, the respondents are interviewed appropriately and responses are recorded to derive accurate data. This is also considered as the most interactive form of research. 
    • CUSTOMIZED MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES: Market research services are known to have their own specified way of doing research. However, when only specific answers are required for a set of specific questions, custom market research services are employed. The research materials are prepared especially for the client. 
  • ONLINE MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES: With emergence of internet services, at times, businesses feel hesitant to use online tools for doing market research. These type of market research services act as a bridge between the businesses and customers to further understand their relationships. It is considered to be the cheapest form of market research as it ensures convenience to both businesses as well as the customers. 

Globally, market research services have showcased great scope. They are used to acquire information on various market sectors pertaining to different topographical regions.



Our team of expert senior analysts and professional specialists assist you in the best possible way for project planning, execution/implementation as well as quality control. Our experts also help in analyzing essential information regarding international market trends and leads as well as competitor analysis. Our senior analysts and sector specialists help in project quality control and reaching to insightful conclusions via in-depth data interpretations. 

To start with, initially our team starts the ASSESSMENT by gaining in-depth insight into client’s needs and receiving relevant materials. Once the market research goals are understood, a research proposal is designed that elicits the sort of information the client is seeking. 

The next step or rather the phase is DESIGNING wherein our experts help in designing every project from the scratch based on the unique business issues. We believe that every project is unique and therefore, do not believe in pre-designed formulas. This involves developing the market research plan after the potential causes of the problem are understood well. The marketing research plan could include any method that will help you answer the research problem and opportunities to be identified. Various techniques are used to conduct research such as interviewing prospects, conducting survey, run user tests and much more. 

To proceed further, our experts proceed with QUESTIONNAIRE DEVELOPMENT wherein respondent friendly questionnaires are designed that engages surveys providing unbiased and strategic data. We follow the best brand tracking survey in conjunction with your advertising campaign plans. 

The questionnaire development is followed on by SURVEY PROGRAMMING AND HOSTING. The survey is planned, designed and programmed wherein hosting and balancing the online / offline methods are the key attributes. Our expert researchers and analysts have a deep understanding of the way data analysis is undertaken. Our in-house experts precisely know how to develop surveys that further transform and translate into the real world of business. Most data collection is quantitative than qualitative. It is important to make sure that data collection is valid and unbiased. 

This is followed on by the DATA ANALYSIS and REPORT FINDINGS. Now that all information is gathered well, its time to analyse the data. Important trends are taken into consideration as opposed to specific pieces of information. It is also important to write up a summary of the study including the processes that need to be followed, results, conclusions and steps necessary to be recommended on the basis of course of action. 

At the last step, the research plan is put into action. Its time to present the findings and take relevant action. The marketing strategies are developed and campaigns are established as required. The findings are put to test and this is how the procedures are undertaken. Data is analyzed on regular basis to find out scopes for improvements. 

With many years of extensive and niche market research at Awesome Consultancy, we strive our best to understand the dynamic and complex structures of markets around the globe and provide accurate and customized solutions for profitable growth to our client base. We alo take this prestigious opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading market research consultancy companies to assist many corporates to launch and sustain their brands over the years. Our diversified portfolio enlists reputed names from all industry sectors such as Industrial products, Automotives, Retail, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Hospitality and many more. We are determined to deliver time bound solutions by applying qualitative and quantitative research techniques to design and conduct surveys on technologically innovative platforms. Our market research team consists of economists, psychologists, planners, recruiters, strategists as well as efficient futurologists’. 

So, do you have any requirement of Market Research Consultancy? Do not worry anymore. Our team of experts would help you with the best services at reasonable prices. CONTACT US NOW!