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The SME segment of the Indian economy has become too ambitious, like never before. Awesome Consultancy combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations to enable businesses create sustainable organic growth. We provide the best of marketing consultancy services via CMO on demand and flexible execution with our unique range of services. Awesome Consultancy assists is attaining significant growth by deploying strategies aligned to the goal of the organization. Awesome helps in providing the relevant marketing expertise, tools and strategies required for achieving significant industry growth. 

Marketing Consultancy involves developing an integrated marketing plan aligned with organizational goals. It is important to connect well with clients and build lasting relationships with the stakeholders. It is also important to facilitate constant evolution ith latest marketing best practices, tools and software. Flexible time management ensures that everything is managed systematically in an appropriate manner.  

We help companies in implementation of successful strategic marketing programs that help them resonate with their audiences. We help you in building go-to-market strategies, innovative ATL and BTL efforts, understanding new customer insights and superior sales and channel management. We also help in mapping different routes to your target customers, so as to define the channels that help in success. As today’s competitive world has transformed consumer expectations, your brand needs to create seamless customer journeys across multiple channels at any given time and anywhere in the world. 

At Awesome Consultancy, we make sure to combine the science of data analytics with the art of creativity and customer insight, to help you create superior customer experiences. It could be anything related to building new micro-segmentation models, defining digital mediums or bringing measurability to your marketing – our recommendations keep you focused on your important needs. To complement ATL strategies, we offer innovative BTL campaigns. We execute marketing campaigns with amazing accuracy and speed. 

We take in-depth understanding of your organization to understand your go-to-market capabilities across marketing, sales and distribution. This tells us what advantages you cam leverage and what areas need to be strengthened before your go-to-market strategy. We help you in connecting with your customers by crafting clear messaging that resonates with your target segment’s needs and wants. We apply strategic marketing expertise and on-ground experience to make the go-to-market campaign more effective.


Our expert team of Marketing Consultancy has many years of experience in content writing, designing, and digital marketing. Our experts help in developing objectives oriented marketing campaigns with predefined results, budgets and timelines. Our experts are well versed in digital and social media marketing, website development, SEO, SEM, social media audit, management, marketing, video creations, blogging, classifieds, email marketing, online reputation management, campaign creations, PR strategies, conversion rate optimization, and much more. 

Our Marketing Consultancy team is highly experienced in executing sales marketing campaigns, event messaging, collaterals and exhibits, invitation management, comprehensive campaign reporting, pre and post even activities and much more. Internal communications such as employee branding and engagement, HR strategies, leadership, goal-based communication, curriculum development, training for sales and marketing – all these aspects are well understood and experienced by our team of marketing consultants. 

Awesome Consultancy is dedicated towards empowering its customers by providing strategies and formulas to succeed in their business. Awesome Consultancy helps in defining the audiences sharply, identifying market opportunities, fdeveloping marketing strategies and supporting implementation of outreach campaigns. Awesome Consutancy can be considered as an extended marketing arm for your business in proving marketing consulting services to establish clear marketing strategies which aligns them to various business goals. The organization focuses on quality, consistency and offers cost-effective solutions to its customers. 

We, at Awesome Consultancy, do not just give you strategies. We partner with you will the last mile of execution of strategies. We work in sync with you to understand the requirements of your business so as to accelarate its growth. We do this by holistically looking at the products and services of your business,  internal processes, infrastructure, people, culture, strategies and much more. Our consulting team works with you to grow your business from its current state to where you dream of taking it. 

Our Marketing Consultancy team helps you in creation of short term and long term brand marketing plans and execution of these simultaneously. Awesome Consultancy helps in creation and execution of market development modules of your products on the basis of current industry trends. To expand your business, we help in identifying new business ideas, shortlist and prioritize concepts and using crowd sourcing tools, rapid prototyping and much more. We help you in developing the final product and providing a commercialization solution for the same. 

So, do you have any Marketing Consultancy requirement? Do not worry anymore. Contact us NOW to avail the best services at reasonable prices.