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The retail world has bug bets on trends and timings and is continuously evolving. With increasing consumer expectations, digital disruption and new business models, profitable growth becomes very challenging. Awesome Consultancy helps retailers across all sectors from grocery, travel and leisure, apparel, restaurants, luxury, and more – to develop and implement customized strategies that address today’s challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. 

Through Retail Management Consultancy, we assist in living an omnichannel strategy, enhance your buying capabilities with the use of advanced analytics, inspire agile innovation, install customer-led category management, revamp store operations and talent, and much more. We also help you in reinventing your marketing with analytics and strategically transform your cost structure. We assist you to strengthen courcing and vendor relationships. We help you in building a modern retail organization with flexible supply chains and transformed information and digital technologies. We also help you improve your M&A capabilities. 

We help companies become more successful by helping them identify as to where to build the most value. We assist organizations in growing store networks, localizing assortments, building omnichannel capabilities, launching new formats and improving cost effectiveness. Our experts combine deep retail industry expertise with experience in all major regions and functional areas. Our experts help in bringing an external and practical perspective to industry challenges and opportunities using proven tools. Our experts collaborate with clients to develop common objectives, defined roles and responsibilities, propose recommendations and implement solutions.


Our experts of Retail Management Consultancy help businesses in getting major success, growth, sales, organization and control. Through availing our services, you get the following benefits: 

  • Business sales will increase significantly. 
  • Employees will be professionally motivated at all times. 
  • Managers will execute all tasks skillfully and appropriately. 
  • Everyone will be help accountable for their performance. 
  • Your business will focus not just on operations, but also on high performance sales. 
  • An organized system for training staff will be available. 
  • Key strategies to improve retention would be executed so that no one quits unexpectedly. 
  • Our proprietary at-a-glance metrics system shall help you monitor all performance indicators. 
  • Discipline and customer service levels shall be increased via non-negotiable standards. 
  • Detailed sales statistics shall be available for each staff member to pinpoint the coaching needed to improve productivity. 
  • Non-compliance would not be an issue anymore. 

The instructional designers and consultants at Awesome Consultancy have extensive backgrounds in retail. Even the training programs contain valuable information and techniques that are the result of working in the field every day, solving problems and generating sales for stores. Our experts have much experience in on-the-floor retail experience to devise systems that make running a retail store much easier and more profitable. Our experts make sure to work in sync between proprietary information and your business’ unique circumstances. We know how to celebrate differences in companies as we realize that everyone is at a different level in terms of service or accountability or has varying operational burdens. 

Retail Management Consultancy involves consultancy services related to (a) Advanced Analytics, (b) Customer Strategy and Marketing, (c) Mergers and Acquisitions, (d) Performance Improvement, (e) Transformation, (f) Digital Transformation, (g) Change Management, (h) Sustainability Management, (i) Operations Management, (j) Information Technology Management, (k) Corporate finance Management, – and much more. 

So, do you have any requirement of Retail Management Consultancy? Do not worry anymore. Our expert consultants are right here to provide you with the best of services at reasonable prices.