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The Healthcare Consultancy Services of Awesome Consultancy relates to the field of Healthcare and Hospital Management. There are various hospitals and pharmacies in our network wherein there exists a team of highly trained professionals with thorough understanding of clinical management, patient needs and complex hospital environment. Our consultants believe in bringing the best of operational efficiency with management practices for efficient management. 

Over the years, our healthcare consultants have developed unique ways to assess the hospital, plan appropriate healthcare strategies, understand clinical services advantage, marketing and sales, understand optimum utilization of resources like manpower, capacity and cost management. Our consultants help in understanding of clinical and operational processes to manage the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of various processes. 

Improving healthcare has been our ultimate mission. We help in driving positive innovation in areas that have been historically under investment but are critical to the benefit of the society. Our healthcare consultants are known to examine the efficiency, profits and structure of the organization and then provide suggestions on methods of improvement. 

Healthcare consultancy topics normally include governance, operations, human resources, marketing, billing, coding, transactions, and much more. These are several categories and subcategories within these fields. Our healthcare consultancy services refer to market access scanning, strategic consulting and road mapping, developing of dossiers on all levels (therapeutic, health-economic, budget impact analysis and other requirements) and much more. Our services also includes exemptions from pharmacoeconomic assessment, specialized home care facilities and market access schemes including price negotiations. 

Awesome Consultancy also offers the full range of turnkey consultancy services ranging from healthcare planning, business planning, feasibility studies, medical equipment planning and towards full commissioning of healthcare facilities. We provide A to Z healthcare business models with comprehensive capacity to support our clients need in healthcare finance and business feasibility sector. Our expert consultants hold qualifications in the practice of healthcare, service planning and design. Our healthcare consultancy services include the following: 

  • Feasibility Study and Business Planning

This includes market assessment, demand projections, recommended care delivery concept, preliminary operating procedures, summary of capital investment requirements, cash flows, ROI and much more. 

  • Functional Design Brief

This includes formulation of broad operational procedures to apply, determination of concepts, critical relationships, workflow, staffing and organization, environment and building requirements for all departments and much more. 

  • Healthcare Planning

This includes visioning, strategic facilities planning, master facilities planning, operational concepts, development and planning, designs advisory, detailed functional and space programming and much more. 

  • Medical Equipment Planning and Procurement Consultancy

This includes medical equipment planning and designing volume throughput planning, budgeting, procurement, medical equipment testing, relocation equipment planning, clinical needs analysis and much more. 

  • Facility Operational Management Services

This includes selection and appointment of senior facility executives, establishment of board and committee structure and operational procedures to apply and much more. It also include ensuring the efficient and effective utilization of physical, financial and human resources. It includes monitoring performance outcomes against budgets, clinical and other quality assurance indicators. 

  • Hospital Information Systems

This includes IT feasibility studies, systems integration and studies, IT project management and much more. 

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